Final Painting!

Drybrushed a strong mix of walnut brown and the premixed grey on the birdhouse and added a few cracks. Added the shadows with the same color. The bird is done by laying in a clear water wash over the whole bird and stroking in auerolin yellow on the body and lukas paynes grey on the head. After this dried the details are painted in with stronger colors. Shadows added with the premixed grey. The hole in the birdhouse is done by laying in a strong mix of walnut brown and the grey upto the eggs and small lines indicating the shadows in the nest. red speckles for the eggs. yellow for the straw. After this has dried, lay on a weak wash of grey over the entire hole gently so as to not disturb the underlying layer. This gives the impression of the nest emerging softly from the shadows.

The area underneath the bird house and some white spaces are covered with the bg colors. The rusting iron wire is done with lukas burnet sienna , the shadows with walnut brown. Lifted a few highlights.