the buds and flowers….

The buds are painted by laying a clear water wash, then laying a weak wash of ruby red and adding a touch of strong mix of krapprot tief and ruby red on the shadow side. Lifted off some highlights with a stiff brush. The flowers by laying a clear water wash and adding touches of a mix of ruby red and lukas paynes grey (which is actually a blue) and mauve for shadows. I also bordered the flowers with ruby red as the white jasmine wasn’t showing up too well against the light background. The places where the stems meet the buds are with mauve and sap green and the stems themselves with varying mixes of yellow green, sap green and a mix of hookers green and paynes grey for the shawdow side. Also I let the red of the buds flow into the stems.

Leaves : The portions of the leaves which are sunlit are painted with yellow green and touches of sap green. The portion of the leaf which reflects light is done with a very weak mix of hookers green and paynes grey and lifting off some color with a stiff brush.