Final (hopefully!) version of the ‘Cygnets’


          I have added some red and brown tones at the bottom of the painting. It was quite tempting to keep adding more details but stopped myself in time before it got overworked.



           Swans are such popular birds and there are many myths surrounding them; here are some facts about them:

   The male swan is called a cob and the female is called a pen, their offspring, cygnets. There are many types of swans – the mute swan which I have painted here has an orange bill with a black triangular shaped area in front of the eyes and a black knob above the bill more prominent on the cob. It is less vocal than the other types, hence its name but more territorial than the others chasing any intruders agressively many feet away from the nest. The trumpeter swan has a black bill and its neck is not as curved. The black swan has a bright red bill with a musical call and is the most social of all during nesting and the cygnets sometimes ride on their parents back. The black necked swan has a black neck and bill and white plumage. The whooper swan is large with a deep honking call and is a powerful flier with a yellow and black patterned bill.

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