First groups of leaves


        I put out a lot of colors for this one. There’s such an amazing array of colors in the leaves. Schminke’s Indian Yellow, Raw Sienna, Green Gold, Hookers green, Pthalo green, Pthalo blue, Ruby Red, Magenta, Krapprot tief (which I found out is Madder Red Dark), Walnut Brown, Raw Umber, Translucent Orange ……whew… Here is the first groups of leaves done by first wetting the leaves and laying in the different colors to blend on the paper and picking out the veins while they are still damp. 

base wash - first bunch of leaves


        Finished most of the leaves in this group. Added some shadows with darker colors. The sunlit leaves are quite pale.



                First wash for the second group of leaves.  

base wash 


            Finished them in the next wash. Am not going to paint too many details. 

base wash