Finished Painting, mango shoots


       Here is the finished painting; I wet the entire top area and dropped in pthalo blue and magenta. Added some middle ground leaves at the bottom.

finished painting , mango shoots


             Wet the thrushes again, and added shadows (mix of translucent orange, madder red dark and a little pthalo blue). The shadows on the upper bird are a little hard edged and I wet that area again (after it had dried) and blended it more smoothly.

top left of bg       

  I find sap green mixed with walnut brown is a better color for background foliage (top right of bg, with the white gaps left in between). It dries quite dark because walnut brown is quite opaque.



             Here I have started the background near the bottom of the painting, using the greens mixed with walnut brown, wet on dry in one wash.  Wet on wet could get quite tricky in all those tight spots.

background near the bottom


    almost finished foreground

      Here are the initial washes for the thrushes. I wet the paper and dropped in a diluted translucent orange and a bit of indian yellow near the belly. The wings are Pthalo blue and a bit of magenta to get the violet. A damp cotton bud works great for lifting out highlights.

first wash , bird

first wash , bird