the Rhododendrons


             For the rhododenrons, I started with a wash of aureolin yellow for the reddish-orangish areas. I did this for the yellow areas of the leaves too. I like having a yellow underwash whereever its possible because if you get a hard edge now and then, they don’t show up that much and you get to know beforehand  the contours and nooks and crannies of the flower before applying darker colors.    

yellow underwash


                    I started dropping in ruby red onto moist petals and a mix of magenta and UB for the shadow areas. I dotted onto the drying petal with a darker mix of the same (favouring UB) for the spots. 

rhododendron; step 2

 rhododendron; step 3


                   For the buds, I painted wet on dry as they are pretty small and also quite dark.    

rhododendrons; step 4


                   I got so excited painting the gold and silver for the sepals………. It actually shows up quite well, doesn’t it? even on screen. I just loved the glitter. And yes, the sepals really do have the gold and silver tinge to them in the reference photo. Not on the stamens though, I got carried away….. haaa.. I mixed them with the other colors (red, green, yellow) to get the pastel shades. The leaves are a mix of sap green and UB.