Spring is in the air!


              It’s the most beautiful time of the year now, to be in the park, close to nature. Ours has been newly developed and within a very small area, but it is just a few feet away from the house, and even with children playing around, it feels quite secluded as it is bordered with trees on one side and wide open spaces on the other. One always gets the things one needs at the right time.

             The seasons are not quite so distinct here as in the more colder regions. When I first went to Deutschland, I was amazed and delighted at the way the landscape changed as the year progressed. Beautiful, white snow and bare trees in the winter; tulips and daffodils, new leaves and buds growing almost overnight in the spring; bright, colorful masses of flowers hanging from balconies and pleasant temperatures in the summer; the coloured leaves of autumn…… Its not quite like that here, in southern India. Winter is very pleasant with just a bit of cold, if at all. Spring brings in the extra sunshine that we miss subconsciously. Days are longer and we wait with dread for the summer. Aaargh! The heat is intolerable, maximums reaching 47 degrees centigrade. Its like being baked in a large oven, with hot air blowing even at midnight. I believe the British called this town ‘Blaze’ wada for ‘Vijayawada’ , long ago. And then, ah! the sweet monsoons……torrents of rains for one or two months. The thick dust on the leaves of the trees is washed away, cool breezes start flowing, the air feels clean and pure and the smell of the earth which the rains bring…. I confess, I have the urge of eating it.

          You can feel the spring air when you step outside. It feels different somehow. The mango trees have put out their tender, yellow-green tiny fragrant flowers. The koels (cuckoos) have started to come and there are butterflies dancing everywhere.  

mango tree blossoming

Koel's feather


          Most of the trees here are evergreen, but some of them start shedding their leaves in the winter and replace them with new growth in the winter but its not that noticeable in that they never become totally bare. This tree is at the front of our house, and though my mom calls it ‘pichi mokka’ (waste plant), I love its growth pattern, the leaves join at the branch with a zig zag and not straight stem, which gives it a necklace like pattern and they wave very prettily with the wind. You can see the new leaves here, with some brown withering leaves at the bottom of the picture. It used to be draped ever so gracefully, from bottom to top with a dark pink bougainvillea tree which used to flower profusely all year long. What a sight they made! But it had to be cut down for practical purposes and when I was not here, otherwise I wouldn’t have let them.   

Orange butterfly


                   You can see the old leaves as well as the new growth in this snap clearly. Butterflies and wasps are hovering about this tree like crazy, for its tiny white flowers. We get to sit on the stairs and watch them every morn and evening. 



          I think these white cranes are starting to migrate away. I have taken these shots two or three months back.




              I don’t know the names of these little birds, they have a little red colouring under their tails. They are nowhere to be found now, but in winter they used to come in flocks every evening to the trees at the park. They are quite noisy and quarrelsome, I watched these two fighting over a butterfly.