the pine trees..

Right side of the painting


             For the pines, I first marked the highlight areas roughly with a light mix of sap green and raw umber. For some trees, its sap green and ruby red. I also used prussian green (looks quite blue) which I hadn’t worked with before. very light mix of sap green + ruby red + prussian green. I used a little of prussian green in the stream too which I had forgotten to mention in that post. This time I wrote the colors down as I was working.

            Once these areas were dry, I painted around them quickly with a dark mix of pthalo blue + sap green + raw umber and dropped in an even more darker mix of pthalo blue + sap green+ ruby red before it had dried. I will work on the tiny shapes a little more later.




        Some indian yellow to the mixes for the yellowish highlights. I took these snaps indoors, there are some shadows on them…..    highlight areas

shadow areas