Shiva the ascetic


           Hi everyone, here’s where I have reached. Just the basic colors – indian yellow, permanent karmin and pthalo blue with a touch of translucent orange and lukas burnt sienna here and there.



  Very pale washes conserving the highlights on the right side. yellow+red+ a tiny bit of blue.

step a

step b

       Highlights on the eyes to make them look rounded but the left eye’s highlight is muted a bit as it is in shadow. Added the shadows and the details.

step c


The whole of the hair I painted with a grey blue as the highlights wont be completely white on dark hair. Then painted in the darkest sections of the hair. After it was dry, I added a mid tone of brown black. Hope this helps Rajalekshmy, you said painting hair was difficult for you, its just three steps. This is matted hair but for softer hair, you can add in more fine details.   

hair step a

hair step b


              The neck and shoulders are painted in the same way as the face, with many thin glazes drying in between with a hair dryer. 

hands step a

 hands step b

hands step c