the leopard skin…


                 Hallo!  I think I’m almost done with this part of the picture…… I’m quite satisfied with it… maybe a little more confidence and it would have showed but that will surely come as I go on.

Lord Shiva


                  Continuing from the steps in the previous post, some more fine glazes on the arms, so that some veins are visible.   

more work on the hands - step d


                     This part was real fun, I first layed in a thin wash of indian yellow+ raw sienna wet on wet. I mixed a shadow color of indian yellow+ raw sienna + pthalo blue + translucent orange + permanent karmin + burnt sienna (which somehow didn’t turn into mud!) and brushed it into the still shiny wash. After this was dry, I stroked in a stronger mix of this shadow color into the darker areas (the same as how they are on the skin in the photo) . This wash had started to lose its shine before I was ready with the leopard spot colors (black mixed with the basic yellow+ red + blue), so I let it dry completely and then wet it again, stroked in some darker shadows (with a little black) and just as it was losing its sheen, I put in the black spots with fine strokes. Also put in some very fine strokes of the leopard skin colors. 

leopard skin step a

leopard skin step b

leopard skin step c