Finished Painting


              Hi everyone, I’ve finished my painting today, the background washes are quite simple, so it went quickly. I took the photos at dusk, so had to set the auto contrast. The painting in real life has more of a reddish tinge compared to this which is bluer…

Parvathi offering flowers to Lord Shiva



                      It was a real pleasure to paint these small bael leaves and marigolds after so many days of not painting nature. aureolin yellow, pthalo blue and translucent orange for the shadows. 

bael leaves


                       I used ultramarine blue here and what a granulating effect it showed! I was very pleased with how the foreground turned out though the effect is not so visible here..     

background 1


                          For the walls of the cave (second wash), I used burnt umber (along with the other colors -UB, orange, permanent karmin) which also showed this effect noticeably. I used the salt technique in the sky for snow but it was too pale and I went over it with a darker/grayer wash. (pthalo blue)  

background 2