Beginning of Parvathi’s Austerities



             Good morning everyone, here is where I have reached in my next painting. This is the one that I had at first wanted to do, with lots of trees, flowers and a slight hint of a figure; then I let myself be persuaded to do the whole story. The dress is made of bark; so it looks a bit stiff; one or two more washes to go to make it a dark brown. The skin tones are from indian yellow, permanent karmin and pthalo blue. The mother deer also has translucent orange and burnt sienna in addition but the main color is burnt sienna. (There’s a cute little baby deer beside her if you can see)The dress is of the same colors. I find that applying a base coat of translucent orange makes an area look a little opaque (as I did for the dress). (Schminke’s) Translucent orange is also great to brighten up shadow colors. [Lukas burnt sienna is sedimentary and worked great for this deer]

             I didn’t take any progress shots this time.  Too many things happening with/in and around me; more than usual. And we have a wedding in the family soon (actually 3 in the next few weeks! its the wedding season), so I wont be posting so much for some time. My son is busy showing my grandma, who’s here visiting, how things work around here! yelling ‘thathamma.. thathamma’, a brand new word for him.