Color chart


          Hi Karen, I wanted to answer to you in this post so that it would be useful to others too. Two of the notations in the chart are from Schminke’s watercolors brochure.

The empty square stands for completely transparent,

        square with a diagonal – semi transparent

        half filled square – semi opaque

        completely filled square – opaque

The empty triangle is for non staining

         half filled triangle is for semi staining

         completely filled triangle is for staining

The empty circle is for non sedimentary

         circle with dots is for sedimentary

         I’m quite happy with my schminke colors but I wanted more hues so I opted for other brands. My first criteria was lightfastness, the next important property was transparency.


  1. Thanks for the reply Neelima – I hadn’t thought about the issue of sedimentary colourswith flowers. I’m glad you mentioned it since I am about to purchase a bunch of paints & am interested in trying a lot of flower paintings. I presume that doesn’t hold for backgrounds though? Were there any particular hues/paints you were particularly impressed with & think you might use? What does you palette consist of at the moment (if you don’t mind me asking)? Love your blog (really useful & informative) & your paintings (beautiful – I hope I can achieve even close to yours someday)!



  2. Sedimentary colors could give interesting textures for backgrounds. I’m still in the testing phase with my new colors. In time I’ll share my thoughts about them, for now I feel safe only with my old schminke’s. Am glad you find my blog informative. It would be nice to see some of your works..


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