I didn`t quite realize at the beginning how complicated this was. You work for hours and and at the end of the session see that except for a small area the rest of the paper is blank! Well, I like doing it this way actually. I like getting lost in all the little details that nature creates. The background foilage is a little scary. The midground and the background and any layers in between have to recede visually so that you don`t have to watch your carefully done foreground areas disappearing into a maze. It`s useful to see a thumbnail or a slightly bigger image of the photo once in a while to get an idea of the overall form. Here the flowers on the extreme left are farthest away going around to the back so I made them paler and not so warm, the ones next to them are a bit more brighter till the nearest ones which are the most saturated. I used a number 5 da vinci brush even for the slender stems and buds, using a small detail one would mean you would have to refill the brush many times more. And oh, thats a tiny hummingbird that I added!


  1. Geranium is tough to paint and I can understand how it is to paint a profusion of them. Now I am painting swirls of the icing on top of cupcakes. Painting the swirls is making my eyes cross. Hope to finish it soon… Waiting to see your finish painting.


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