Peony painting demo


      I`m going to be painting from this almost as it is, nothing much to change, maybe add a bud or two; the composition looks fine as it is.



            The colors that I have chosen for now are Schminke`s ruby red, DS new gamboge (because the yellow on the left flower is actually the tertiary color yellow orange and not a pure yellow) and MG phthalo blue. Here is the lower petal of the left most flower. I have already added the small shadows at the bottom of the petal in this first wet in wet wash.


         Here I have added the cast shadow with a mix of the red and blue plus a little yellow to dull down the resulting violet.


  1. Peony is another flower I have been avoiding because of it jagged petals.Perhaps your step-by-step can help me consider peonies as subject in the future.


  2. Very Interesting. Peony is a difficult flower to work with. But if u try it from the bud to flower step 1 pic at a time u can paint it. Good luck.


  3. Hi Neelima,
    Beautiful work you are doing these days. What’s most interesting to me is your facility in watercolor, well, actually the speed with which your work has developed. It’s clearly a gift. Well, I have a quick question for you. A couple of years ago I found your site and attempted painting from the peonies photograph you used in the demo. I study oils–not watercolor, but I was wondering if you mind that I painted from your photo. I hope not, but If you do mind, I won’t show the painting publicly. It is just such a lovely capture of light and color and I didn’t have any peonies to study at the time and now I like how the painting turned out! Well, please let me know if you’d rather not share the use of that photo. I’ll understand. Very best from Portland.


  4. Hi Jerry,
    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I don’t mind you using your study done from the photograph, you can use it anyway you like to, good luck with it.


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