part 2


               I put up the ref here again so that it is easier to follow:



                A base wash of new gamboge and a mixture of ruby red and phthalo blue:


                  The shadows are put in while the wash is still damp with a bit of Schminke raw sienna and the shadow mix (previous post) so that the edges stay soft. (same petal as in the above photo) The upper petal is done in one wash with a red violet mix and the shadow mix.    


                  I snapped this while the wash is still damp, the stronger values were added as this was drying (the photo below this)


                  The lower wide sunlit petal here has a darker value in its right hand side since it has a darker valued petal beneath it. Veins and folds should be stroked in when the wash is just a bit damp so that they don`t spread about too much.


                    I strengthened the colors a bit and added the cast shadows on the same petal: There`s no need to keep the shadows too grey even if thats`s how they look in the photo, adding some colors to them make them appear luminous. I keep softening the edges of all the petals as I go along so that there are no hard edges. 

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