Yellow lily demo


                 I was so excited to find this plant, I bought it immediately so that I could paint these delicious looking warm yellow flowers.


              The first layer is a wet in wet wash of DS hansa yellow medium which is staining and so good for under washes. It is a cool yellow. I have kept the highlights lighter valued and not completely white.


                    The second layer (after the first is completely dry) is the same color strengthened near the base and mid vein.


                   In this layer I`ve let flow in DS new gamboge which is warmer than the previous yellow. Also added a little S translucent orange at the base and spine. The shadows and veins are a mix of translucent orange and MG pthalo blue dropped in while the wash is still damp. The right side of the left most petal is of a light value and is a mix of S raw sienna and S translucent orange. The veins here are of the same color but a little darker valued. A bit of negative painting for the other veins here with the green shadow mix. I`ve also added a bit of S mauve for the shadows.


              Another clear water wash here after the previous one has dried and the colors strengthened, a light wash of the shadow mix on the right side of the left most petal to soften the veins here. The flower on the right side is spent and the colors a little different. A wash of a mix of raw sienna and new gamboge and a bit of translucent orange, after this has settled a bit, I stroked in new gamboge on the right side.

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