lilies – part 3


                My son bought me these löwenzahn that he had plucked from the woods. Isn`t he a dear? I don`t encourage him but these aren`t endangered… 

                I take these photos while I`m working and so indoors and even after adjusting contrast the colors look muddied, I just noticed this option in Picasa 3 in Effekte >Shein (Effects > Shine in English?), works like a dream. The colors come pretty close to the original, especially yellows.

              The second and third layers on the petals are new gamboge. The upper petal has raw sienna too.


               The right half of the lower petal has a light glaze of mauve to put it in shadow but before that I had put in some translucent orange in the middle area (and left to dry). Translucent orange and phthalo blue mix on the upper petal to slowly start defining the vein pattern there.


                   A light glaze of translucent orange (avoiding highlight at the top of right half ), dried and then the orange-mauve mix for deepening the shadows on the upper petal. The same for the right hand petal. Put a little masking fluid on the upper petal of the spent lily for lighter colored veins but I think I like negative painting better.


           Leaves – bluish grey highlights with a mix of pthalo blue, mauve and a bit of the brown shadow mix. The yellow is new gamboge mixed with hansa yellow medium.


              The left most petal – layers of hansa yellow medium , new gamboge, translucent orange. Dried. It has a very light glaze of mauve even though it doesn`t look so. This puts it in shadow and underneath the first flower; without the mauve it will pop forward. The small leaf at the top – green glaze mixed with hansa yellow medium, pthalo blue and raw sienna. The larger leaf – green mixed with new gamboge and pthalo blue.

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