the angels..


            Here are my little angels all done…. I`ve let the water area be for now, I want to add some greens and rose petals instead of the muddy water in the pic. This is going to be a challenging painting to do…. the foreground area has cool tones whereas the background has warm colors in the roses. By having this strong contrast and details in the foreground, I`m hoping to push this layer to the front. Making the yellow in the roses duller would push them further away……… but I really don`t want to do that….what are flowers without their colors?


         The hair locks and cheek area (left angel) have their shadows strengthened. Dark values for eyebrows and lips.


                 The right angel has its entire face in shadow, this pale wash will be the color for the highlights. 


                 The mouth of the pot at the  right will be in shadow. The top of the wing will also be in shadow because it forms a hollow shape. Started defining shadows in the rocks at the base. 


                  The stone structure behind the bottom most pot will have a very dark value as this area has to be pushed back. The inside of the pot at the right also has a very dark value. Added cast shadows.

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