the cool colors..


         Blue is a masculine hue and is the darkest of all hues, it has reserves of strength, but the energy is static and oppposite to the dynamic energy of red. It projects authority, responsibility, grace of strength, dignity. It is calming and induces meditation. Blue mixed with the active energy of red forms violet which is a spiritual hue representing the Third eye. Blue-violet, has less of the red and stands for intuition. Red-violet gives inspiration.

       Green is the color of nature, of eternal spring. It is restful to the eye and is both a warm and cool color. Blue-green is the most healing of all colors.

      Pale blue is a restful color, ideal for bedrooms. Mauve is a tone of violet; it is reserved and retiring and can be used in a subdued color scheme.


             Painting made from the the three analogous colors – yellow-green, green and blue-green 

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