Faces -8



                To establish the base skin tone, I first put in layers of ivory, light flesh and a bit of cream.  


                         The next values are in cinnamon, light and medium flesh in areas all over the face leaving the first layers to show through for highlights. The shadows to the left are in bistre, the hair is a dark blond color, so I put the base tone for the eyebrows in brown ochre. Drew in invidual hairs with bistre, van dyck brown and graphite. The cheeks are in dark flesh. The eyes are grey-blue, so I put in warm grey 3 and the black pupil in graphite.    


Darker shadows in van-dyck brown. The lips have various hues- dark flesh, pink carmine, bit of fuchsia,deep scarlet red. Shadow areas of the lips have magenta, red violet, Indian red. The butterfly has the same colors as the lips. 


                    For the highlight areas in the hair, I put in cream and over that brown ochre lightly. For the mid tones brown ochre alone, for shadow areas brown ochre and van-dyck brown and for deep shadow areas, brown ochre, van-dyck brown and a bit of graphite. The jaw area has warm grey 3 and 5.  


                  Artists quality drawing paper takes erasing well, takes multiple layers of colors and is also archival since its acid-free. Many colored pencil artists use a cotton swab to rub alcohol into the drawn area after each layer, so that the finish is so smooth it looks more like a painting than a drawing.

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