Painting the Passion flower


               This flower is not completely white, it has soft hints of violet and red-violets as well. The highlights should be kept white even if they are small areas. Even small areas will tell that it is a white flower and not a pale lilac or light colored flower. There are very few shadows in the reference photo of this flower, you can strengthen the values of a couple of them and even invent a few more to define the form of the petals a little better.

Blue Passion Flower


                 I started painting the petals and sepals here, wet in wet. The mixes are from S cobalt blue tone and S ruby red. Add a little DS hansa yellow medium to tone the violet down to get shadow mixes. Favour the red for the red-violet mix. Paint with a darker mixture on a damp wash to get the streaks. The yellow areas are yellow green made from DS  hansa yellow medium and S cerulean blue tone.

first layers for the petals and sepals


                 The filaments have the same violet and red-violet mixes. They have a small white band somewhere aound their centres, so draw an elliptical shape passing through all of them and leave white areas. The lower portions of the filaments have red-violet bands and the upper portions, violet bands or dots.

starting on the filaments

more filaments

                  Fill the centre area of the flower with a yellow green mix. The white bands of the filaments also have individual shadows to them, make one side darker than the other with a toned down violet mix.

darker values for the filaments

                    The anthers are a little warmer, I added some translucent orange to the yellow-violet mix. Paint the stigmas with yellow and yellow green mixes. Add shadows with cobalt blue tone and put it some violet dots while the wash is still damp.

second layers for the petals and sepals

                 Add a layer of greenish- yellow and also a red violet shadow mix to the centre of the flower and add details.

Blue Passion Flower


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