men`s heads


                 After placing the features accurately, I started putting in tone on the left side of the face first with a HB and then with an 8B pencil. I like to finish the eyes first before I do anything else:


                  I went over the previous layers with a blending stump and started to define the lips, nose and chin. The lips and eyes are narrower in a man`s face than in a woman`s face. I`ve also started to define the main locks of the hair here:

                 I went over the stronger shadows again on the face  with an 8B. For the eyebrows, moustache and beard, I put in some tone first with a HB, then put in some short strokes with an 8B. Blended with the stump here and there and then more short strokes. Shadows on the hair leaving some highlights just where the locks curve so. Deeper shadows in between the locks. The hair is mostly negative drawing but you can lift out some +ve hairs with a pointed eraser. Blended the area where the hair meets the face to create a shadow there and also to soften the edges of the hair:

men`s heads


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