Figure studies -1

figure studies -1
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                 Hi everyone. I had been learning about Indian art these past few weeks. I found a book on sculptures and that got me hooked and I couldn´t stop and I went on to read other books on the subject….Temple architecture and sculpture had always been very fascinating for me. I promise to write something about it soon. Meanwhile here´s a drawing I made yesterday. Yeah…. figure drawing is on the top of my Things to Learn list… ha …..

                   Like for any other subject, its important to establish the proportions first. Do this before you start anything else. The average human figure usually has eight heads. That is, you can fit the length of the head 8 times in the figure in the standing position.  Super human figures are generally drawn with 9 heads. This figure has close to 4 heads from head to hip in this sitting position. Once you have marked the positions from head to chin, chin to waist, waist to hip, start establishing the widths; the maximum width of the face, the shoulders, waist and where the dress ends.         

establishing the proportions

                      Next, the tilts are very important. The tilt of the head, the shoulders and the hips (they can be in different directions). Here, the face is not exactly looking straight, its tilted a little to the left (our left) so that the right eye, the right side of the nose and the right side of the mouth are all placed slightly  higher than the left counterparts.  Place the position of the arms properly and after you have done this, it is pretty much smooth sailing. Sketch in the locks of the hair, refine the features, draw  the folds in the (that gorgeous) dress.    

establishing the proportions

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