painting the centers of the flowers and the garden light..


garden light

                   Wash in a layer of hansa yellow medium for the center of the smaller poppy. After this has dried, paint the pollen with new gamboge also painting in tiny shadows on them with your shadow yellow color. The stigma at the center is painted with hansa yellow medium also with shadows. Separate the filaments using negative painting by cutting the orange of the flower into the center, also use negative painting to further define the filaments at the right side. The center of the main flower is painted similarly but it is almost completely in shadow; so glaze over with a final layer of the shadow yellow colors.

                   For the garden light, first see and mark where the highlights fall, you need to get the right shapes for them. The top, left area is catching the blue of the sky, leave the center completely white, there are some orange highlights towards the right and blue-green towards the top right. Let dry completely. Mix some browns, orange-browns and violet-browns using the orange, blue and red madder dark. Wash in a medium value brown wet-in-wet and add darker browns as this is drying. For the light, keep all edges blurred; keep the center white and around it start adding new gamboge and orange around the yellow. White, yellow, then orange. The metal really makes a nice contrast to the delicate flowers while at the same time connecting it to them with the warm colors.

steps for painting stamens and stigma

garden light


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