A Note to my readers and some resources

            Hi everyone!

                   I just wanted to drop by briefly to say that I feel I have some (well, a lot of) catching up to do in some areas like perspective, human figures, drawing practice etc.. (we actually had a paper called Engineering Drawing where there were quite complicated perspective problems to be solved, which I had thoroughly enjoyed back then but really right now I find a near-blank space in my head in that area)…. so what I am trying to say is that I probably wont have much to show here, so I wont be blogging for a couple of weeks. And, on the occasion of Watercolor Journal crossing the 1 lakh views mark, I also wanted to write here that I truly appreciate your readership, kind comments and support over these years. I hope that my work will continue to give you pleasure in the future.

                  Here are some resources that I feel will be of interest and a lot of help for many:

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci produced by Charles Aldarondo

Lives of the most Eminent Painters, Sculptors and Architects by Giorgio Vasari

The Drawings of Rembrandt by Malcolm Bell

Figure Drawing for all its worth by Andrew Loomis

Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis

Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling

There are also very good books by Arthur Guptill on drawing and painting, see if you can catch hold of them..

            See you soon everyone, keep those brushes flying!

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