Andrew Loomis – Successful Drawing (perspectives)

Successful Drawing - Pg 52
Successful Drawing - Pg 52

Wow! Honestly, his books are so amazing…..the more I read them, the more my respect for him increases; everything is structured so well and he has covered every aspect of art in illustration. I have been so excited these past few weeks, having so many issues I have had for so long being clarified; I couldnt´t bear to part with them even for a little while, so I took them on my vacation!

I thought I would show some of my drawings from his book. If you are going to do them, I suggest that maybe you start with a basic book on perspective first, like the one I mentioned in my previous post (which he recommends), before starting on this one. Doing this, I feel like a big mountain has moved away from the creative path that I am on. Seriously, it is almost impossible to find the (many, many) right resources, with the right angle, right eye-level, right light-source; that you would need for bringing your ideas onto paper…which is why learning to draw well in perspective is a tool which you can´t afford not to have on your creative journey. Set squares, divider, ruler, a large book (A3 or A2 because you need to space the vanishing points far enough apart, you don´t want to end up having half your drawings on the table) and a few weeks set apart are all that you need…. and a small tip….if you find the lines getting confusing and they are all kind of swimming in front of your eyes – use different colored pencils for different set of lines, ones which you need to set apart perhaps towards the completion like a charm!

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