Free hand Designs

Freehand Designs 1

Freehand Designs 2

Freehand Designs 3

Freehand Designs 4

Freehand Designs 5

Freehand Designs 6

             Have I mentioned this great book which is in the public domain: The American drawing book by J.G. Chapman? Well, I was doing a few exercises  from it, like so –

      ….and you can understand that a whole day of this can get somewhat constrictive…… and I wanted to swing my pen a little …. so towards the end of the day, dinner done and the dishes done, sitting in front of the TV watching ‘Shanghai noon’, I ended up with these freehand designs. Usually when I am doodling, I do the same favorite curves again and again (mostly like the first one in this post, the one with the hearts) and this time I am glad I wound up doing different and unusual ones.

         The same principles apply here for decorative designs that you would use in fine art, I´ve written an article on this over here, you can have a look at The Elements and Principles of Art.

1. A focal interest brings the eye towards the area, and other elements can shoot outwards from this. (symmetrically or asymmetrically)

2. Designs can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.

3. There should be a rhythm that can be sensed through out the design.

4. They should feel harmonious and united.

           One way to make a design look united is to use the same elements over and over again through out it. These elements can naturally be varied to provide interest. For example, in my first design, I have used the heart symbol repeatedly; the second one has a chaff of wheat motive (my son´s kindergarten chart was lying beside me on which he had stuck these pieces of nature on); the fourth one has variations of crescent moons in it. If you need inspiration, you don´t have to look far, nature offers endless varieties of motifs….

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