My painting is being published!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with all of you that my painting ‘Datura’ is going to be published as the front cover for a book with the same name, which is a collection of Chinese essays by Mr Deng Changquan being published by Dreamseed publications. I will post an image of it when I receive a copy of the book, for now, I am quite happy for my painting!!

Photos of Book



painting size: 30*40 cm on Hahnmühle fine art 300g/m² acid free watercolor paper.

The following two sketches are exercises from Mr J. D Harding`s ‘Lessons on Art’. It is an excellent art book, public domain, available at sites like or gutenberg…

LessonsOnArt1 LessonsOnArt2


  1. Congratulations…..have watched your site for many years. Please may we see a picture of the datura, and also more botanical videos please. Like your journalling too. Is there no end to your talent and now a budding poet as well. Congrats


  2. I have been following your art & drawings for sometime. I like your videos too. It must be really satisfying to see you art being published on a book cover. Congrats!!
    The exercises from J D hardings book are great, but somehow I was not able to see these books on the sites you mentioned. May be I am not doing something right, Can you please help? thanks


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