Trip to India


Hi everyone, I had recently been on a short vacation to my homeland, my parents had a grand celebration for their new house and everything went great….. and here are a few sketches I had done while there and waiting at airports – Zürich and Muscat:

Sketchbook page

Sketchbook page - zürich runway



The chandelier in this sketch caught my eye at a perfume shop at the Muscat airport (Oman) and the two girls working there were curious of what I was doing and walked over to take a look at my book. We got chatting and they very much wanted to know why ever was I traveling alone without my husband!!

Sketchbook page - Muscat airport and inflight


Sketchbook page - India


sketchbook page - mango trees



  1. Hi Lina, How are you doing? I don’t have any more sketches that I had made there but I do have some of my very, very old paintings that I brought back with me for keepsakes , will post them soon…(I don’t know why, I guess I like to embarass myself!)


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