couple of sketchbook pages

This page is following a lecture of Danny Galieote over at New Masters Academy (Invaluable resource, check it out if you haven’t already, they have all the teachers you want to be learning art from : Glenn Vilppu, Steve Huston ….. ):

sketchbook page

from Steve Huston’s video lecture:

sketchbook page

These pages are from my old sketchbook, done from a book called How to Paint Trees in Watercolor by W.H.J. Boot I found the color notes that Boot has used to be very interesting, so I did a couple of them, this one is in pastel and the one below it watercolor:

sketchbook page ash tree
Ash tree
sketchbook page
Oak tree

one of notes from Ruskin:

sketchbook page


  1. So happy to FINALLY hear from you after close to a two year absence!!!Any more flower paintings or advice. You appear to be really taken up with discovering the human form. Always lovely work from you.


  2. Hallo Lina,
    I haven’t been painting actually, but have been drawing , using the structural approach, learning to see the third dimension on the paper , so I didn’t want to be blogging during the time; but thanks for sticking around!!
    Yeah , I have been trying to wrap my head around the human figure, quite difficult!, also doing some research on color; color and light , color and vision..
    I will post some of my sketchbook pages on landscape elements not exactly flowers, but might be of some interest to you. Also some have asked about reference books, so a post on my newly acquired (yeah!) books…


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