New Sketchbook

We had met up in India recently and my sister gifted me this sketchbook. Isn’t it pretty, I love it :

new sketchbook


I am going through this one very quickly, I think I used up half of it in a week… I did this page while watching Happy feet 2 with my son, Aryaman; I was just getting into the flow when naturally he too had to get inspired right then. He took my book and drew some strange ‘only-boys-can-be-interested-in’ stuff…….in it

imaginary landscape

These were done watching NewMastersAcademy videos, Danny Galieote, Glen Vilppu, Sheldon Borenstein:


quick sketching quick sketching quick sketching quick sketching quick sketching quick sketching


Have you tried the scribble method for initial lay-ins? Its very liberating, scribble across the form to get the initial gesture so that you can build forms over it….  it should be done very lightly not as dark as I have here:

scribble method
scribble method anatomy drapery


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