Pages from my sketchbook

These are pages I worked on last year from old books of W.H.J. Boot, Eugène Chevreul, Faber Birren, Arthur Guptill, John Ruskin and one called ‘the sketcher’s manual’ by Frank Howard  which gives a few pointers on how to arrange  lights and darks in a composition. You can read them for free at or DSC09223 DSC09224 DSC09225 DSC09226 DSC09227 DSC09228 DSC09229 DSC09230 DSC09232 DSC09233 DSC09235 DSC09236 DSC09237 DSC09238 DSC09239 DSC09240 DSC09241 DSC09242 DSC09243 DSC09244 DSC09245 DSC09246 DSC09247 DSC09248 DSC09249


  1. I just discovered your blog, and I have recently started one of my own. I think I can learn a lot from you, particularly how thoroughly you study drawing and composition and work in your journal. I need to go back and read your earlier posts, but of course I will be very much looking forward to all that you add here. Thank you for sharing!


  2. This is really serious studying! My students, however, mostly use a very natural and very relaxed approach: we are exploring colors and their combinations, but we are also paying the most attention to how we are seeing things. It’s very amazing to see how you are journaling all new skills. Good luck with your current projects!


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