First washes – landscape painting

In this step, I am laying in the color notes for the entire scene. The value scheme in normal daylight conditions is: sky and water lightest, ground slightly darker and upright elements like trees are in the mid value range, so that is something I keep in mind as I go along. The foreground grass is the nearest and warmest, so there is lot of yellow in that area which I mixed with new gamboge and phthalo blue. The left side of the tree at the bottom is nearer to us, it is a more saturated middle green:

painting trees in watercolor

The right side of the tree at the top is catching light, so it is warmer.  As we look at the tree against the light of the sky, our eyes cannot distinguish the true color at the edges of the tree, I have a established a grey color note in these places with a mix of winsor newton ultramarine violet and new gamboge and a bit of prussian blue:

painting trees in watercolor

Here I am painting negative shapes and strengthening the colors with deeper shades of green mixed with green gold, phthalo blue, ultramarine violet, perylene green and prussian blue:

painting trees in watercolor

The foliage in the middle part of the tree is behind the tree and catching the light directly so it is quite a bright yellow green. In the lower part of the tree, I am connecting the dark shapes with each other so that they form a pattern and not just random spots strewn together, I have lost my pencil lines altogether in the wet-in-wet washes so I am making up the shapes as I go along which is probably a good thing in the end:

painting trees in watercolor

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