Progress on the study

I have pretty much used the same colors as I did on the last one, the mixes leaning more towards raw umber than towards raw sienna for the hair specially is cooler. I used ultramarine violet too which I forgot to mention for my previous study, very useful for neutralising the yellows effectively. Ultramarine blue is a mistake I guess, it sediments too much giving a texture on the face, but I don’t know what else I can use, its a nice warm blue that neutralises yellows (leaning towards green), cobalt blue does also sediment a bit. I think the tones on this portrait looks more cohesive than my previous attempt, I applied an overall first wash for the face cooler on the forehead, warmer and more saturated in the middle region of cheeks and nose and more neutral in the bottom third of the face. Then added glazes to go darker and add color temp variations instead of looking for variations right from the beginning:

Color study after Morgan Weistling in watercolor

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