On creativity and meditation

The last year I did a page a day in my journal like the ones below as part of my meditation/therapeutic routine. I painted/scribbled anything that came to the mind, without thinking about anything, just scribbling and letting things flow out, not trying to control my hand or criticize in my head about what I was doing. At first, there were were all kinds of random thoughts , phrases and images from the night before but I would just to need to muse over them a little bit till they would melt away, or sometimes if I thought they were still important, I would categorize them and make up lists and tables or write mind maps, especially about what I had read from the day before. Gradually, a kind of inner stillness settled in and my mind started gaining a tranquil clarity; also I started noticing some kind of new patterns start to emerge, which I wouldn`t have got if I was going about my usual way of drawing and sketching. It was really interesting for me to just look and be inspired later. My sense for composition and design started improving and I am glad I stuck to it for a year.

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