Once upon a time in Elysian fields..

Something I did entirely from imagination, somewhere in the tropics or subtropics; plants with huge leaves similar to rubber trees and palms but also with some iris like flowers, you can see some people in the distance beyond the lake, walking in procession to their altar deep inside the forest. I did this a while ago and laid it aside, not sure whether to paint it as a flat illustration or a painting with some depth. I will put it up here when it is done. Wish me luck! Want to do some art digitally also, so I am getting a new computer , a Lenova yoga AIO 7, with an integrated graphic card ,it covers AdobeRGB color space, really wanted the A940 with the touch screen and on which you can actually draw on with a pen, but…its sold out, so I am getting a separate graphic tablet instead. Really excited!!

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