Redthroated parrotfinch songbird painting

Hi guys,

This songbird painting is a new work of mine. I got inspired by the lovely, fresh green tones on this finch. The redthroated parrotfinch is native to Australia, for us here in Germany, the European Greenfinch , Goldfinch (Stieglitz) and bullfinch are more common. I shot this bird at the botanical gardens. I painted this using a painting program called Krita. I blocked in the major tones with the airbrush tool and refined it with the soft pencil tool to get some texture on the form.

Redthroated parrotfinch songbird wall art ; limited edition fine art print
Red throated Parrot finch. Click on painting to purchase.

Here are the preparatory studies that I made beforehand. I did the gesture and proportions in one layer and the drawing in another layer. I think I am going to make one more of them into a painting. Hope you like them. Would be glad to get any kind of feedback. Thanks!!

song bird studies

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