Camellia painting WIP

Hi everyone, this is a recent painting of mine, I thought I would share the working stages with you. I am working in Krita. I did the drawing in a separate layer group and started the painting in another. If you keep the line art on top and the painting layer underneath that, the drawing will be visible even if you paint over it. If the drawing is too obtrusive, bring the opacity down so it shows up lighter on screen. That’s one of the things you can’t do in traditional painting. If you lose the drawing while painting you have to it all over again. I guess some artists like to photocopy it , though I have never tried it. The leaves of the camellia plant are quite dark and a bit glossy ,they reflect the light quite a bit and in such areas are a light unsaturated blue.

Krita worspace , Camellia painting WIP
Krita worspace , Camellia painting WIP

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