Hazel leaves in gold and some sketches

Drawing in colored inks and gold calligraphy pens of hazel tree leaves on Bristol board. Sketched this sitting under the hazel tree in the afternoon sun enjoying the amazingly peaceful and restorative atmosphere of the Grütt woods/nature park here, the leaves were sparkling in this fresh green gold. Not a single thought in my head while listening to bird song and watching the clouds go by.

Some more sketches, that of a dainty dragonfly that landed on my finger got cut off in the pic , couldn´t bring out the colors and patterns of the cool waters of the babbling brook nor the calm lake, but oh well ,for another day.. foliage and branches are what I gravitate towards the most: Scanned the leaf drawing which I made in my A5 Leuchtturm journal and printed it out on A4 bristol board to paint, my first one came out with a slight dark fringe so I had to do it again after cleaning it in photoshop:

Also tried studying some bark textures on different trees, varied and interesting enough to create paintings from, but treated them casually almost daydreaming and doodling away to hearts content.

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