Wild geranium seed capsules

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I am in the midst of creating this digital product with lots of wildflower motifs and I thought I would share one with you; of the wild geranium, also called crane’s bill because of this shape of their seed capsules. I think I have made designs for some 20 or so elements. And I am having so much fun just doing line work these days, I remember a couple of years back when I felt creatively stuck doing my watercolors, I love the medium but I felt it wasn’t giving me the scope of everything I wanted to do and could be doing. Maybe it isn’t the medium and it was the place I was in but I just had to try all kinds of mediums and techniques and new subject matter and now I feel I have rediscovered something new – drawing! Our eyes see a thousand different variations in color when light falls on form and color can be so enticing that painting somehow often overshadows drawing. But now I have come to like understanding the growth patterns of plants and their complex parts which I used to find bewildering before not having had a background of botany which I regret now, … How about you? Which part of the creative process do you enjoy the most?

Drawing of Wild geranium seed capsules

Here’s a fun exercise to try to get the creative spark going again if you have been stuck in a rut, fill 30 circles in 3 minutes, just draw anything that comes to mind without censoring anything. This helps to overcome art blocks. I try to do this first thing in the morning. Ideas start flowing and every now and then there turns out something really interesting which I wouldn’t have made if I had thought about it. I have included a circle template which you can print out, fits on A4 size paper.

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