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Do you enjoy painting and have always longed to improve your artistic skills? Do you feel your inner self longing to come out and express itself ever so often but have never found the time for it? If so, you have come to the right place. I will share with you everything that I know about painting and art in general in an easy to follow manner. You can sign up here on this page to become a paid member and get access to exclusive content.

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About Me

♥️Hello friends, newbies and regular readers here. I'm Neelima, an artist and mom living in Germany. Welcome to this little space here, where I write about all things art related.♥️ 

I wish that you would all join me in my art journey and get inspiration from my artwork, creative process and how to develop ideas by sketching and maintaining sketchbooks. I run an art store at Etsy where I sell Original watercolor paintings and Art prints, how to draw and paint pdf guides, and all sorts of digital goodies, like stickers, notepaper printables and digital scrapbook papers. Come and visit me there at NeelusWatercolors.