Color chart (Schminke and Lukas) and some thoughts……


       A reader of this blog has written to me asking for a larger version of my color chart. It is rather smudged, (I like to blame these type of things on my son) Srishti, hope you can read the names this time.

names of colors

color wheel


               I have to mention here that I have stopped using many of these colors now. The colors that I mentioned in the demos are all that I paint with. Colors like brilliant purple and mauve are real pretty but don’t have good lightfastness. Green earth (gruen erde) is of such a light value, you need to mix lots of it ……. I haven’t yet figured out what it would be good for. Ditto for rose madder (krapp lack rosa). Translucent orange is really nice but in heavy washes, it starts looking a bit opaque. Actually, I have made a new selection of  paper and paints (Daniel Smith, Winsor and Newton, MGraham, Maimeri Blu in addition to Schminke)


  1. Such helpful observations. Thank you.
    I am in the process of re-doing my palette and would love to see how you have revised yours – what are your current selections?


  2. Hi Linda, thank you for your comments…
    I have not been working much on watercolors lately, but my color choices are still the same when I do…..well …. Maybe not so many!.. I find usually that one warm and one cool of each of the primaries are sufficient for a painting… That is warm yellow, cool yellow ( DS new gamboge and DS hansa yellow medium) warm red and cool red (winsor red and schminke ruby red) warm blue and cool blue (DS ultramarine blue and schminke phthalo blue)… You can make a wide range of secondaries and tertiaries with these colors but sometimes I find that a few extra colors are necessary like schminke translucent orange, a fresh violet.. a cobalt blue.. (I forget the brands ..) schminke Raw and burnt siennas ..walnut brown to deepen and darken tones
    Happy painting..


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