Finished Painting – Joy of Nature

Joy of Nature
Joy of Nature

             I finished the painting a while back, the background was a little daunting and I spent a few sleepless nights over it(!), the upper portion, though it is quite light must have atleast half a dozen layers on it..  I have only one in-between step here:

Well, our traitor of a system crashed in on us and here I am back again, after having lost a few precious files and gained a few headaches but with a huge plus of acquiring a fab, cool , apple mac stand-alone. The thing is…  the colors in my latest paintings look a bit too saturated on this now… can’t control how they will look across different systems, I guess… I spent a lot of time thinking how great it would be to have a bio-chip with the google search engine woven into the inside of our left forearms’ ha ha… its like not having your right arm without it …. I mean … a dozen times in a day, its ….how do I use the new herb that I got..or do I place the new plant in the sun or in the shade…or …or…. geez…. actually I had suggested this idea to my husband (a long time back) because he was always punching numbers into his calculator, so I told him he should plaster that to his left forearm so he could just raise his arm and punch into it whenever he wanted.. ha ha… ok I am rambling now… time to sign off…

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