Watercolor fruit and vegetables by Billy Showell


Obst und Gemüse - Aquarelle Malen - Billy Showell

                 I really like botanical painting a lot, so when I found this book by the botanical artist, Billy Showell at our library, I got very excited. I read the whole book through, with an English-German dictionary by my side. It has lovely pictures of beautifully rendered fruits and vegetables, along with information on the colors and materials she uses, drawing tips,lighting and composition tips, watercolor techniques, a chapter on how to build form through light and shade, a demo on how to paint white subjects and some flowers too. At the end, there are four large, detailed projects of a kohlrabi, still life with pumpkins, a lemon and the heart of berries which is on the cover. There are lots of photos for each step from the beginning to the end, so the demos are easy to follow along. A very useful book to have if you`re a beginner in watercolor and want to start off with paintings fruits and vegetables from real life.

Obst und Gemüse - Aquarelle Malen - Billy Showell

Obst und Gemüse - Aquarelle Malen - Billy Showell


  1. I too love this book (also got it from my library but it is in English) – what a wonderful painting for Valentine’s day!


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