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  1. Hi there,
    I love art and I really love your artworks. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on drawing and watercolour as I would really like to improve as well as the kind of books you’ve read. Thanks and again I think your artworks are amazing!!


  2. Thankyou Medina,
    What kind of drawing are you focusing on (figure drawing/ portraits/ nature and landscape/ concept art/ design and decoration….) and are you a complete beginner? There are so many great books, some of which I have mentioned in this blog, but there are so many more that I think I will sum them in a post soon … which I had been meaning to for some time….


  3. I’m interested in nature and landscape both with drawing and watercolour. I do art in school and I am mostly familiar with drawing (but would still like to improve). I’m relative new to watercolour: I’ve always wanted to paint with it but have never been very confident, especially with the depth that you achieve in your paintings. I noticed that you went through the book “Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain” because my art teacher suggested that book to me a few years ago and I loved the challenges. Thanks for the quick reply!


  4. Hi,
    Since you already have your curriculum to go through at school, I won’t be needing to give here an exhaustive list …….
    About watercolor, the first book I learned from was the flower book by Adelene Fletcher, I think its good for learning the medium as there are a lot of examples and all the steps are described in detail.
    On color, I like Nita Leland books.
    For drawing trees, I love the artistic anatomy of trees by Rex Vicat Cole, and J D Hardings books on trees and landscape elements.
    Arthur Dow’s book on composition is a gem.
    Good luck at school!


  5. Hi Neela,
    I love that you share your sketches with us. My drawing skills are slowly improving but I need more confidence to draw with my paints. We are doing a project now painting mandalas. Have you painted any of these symbolic circles? Any references? I have seen a beautiful book by Judith Cornwell but her books seem to be out of publication.
    Thanks for all your inspiration.


  6. Hi Christine,

    Haven’t tried any mandala drawings…. , I’m afraid I donot know of any references for them…..good luck though, on your project


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