Ode to Summer – revisited


               I just can`t get it out of my head about this picture that it feels a tad dry without the cool blue of water in the fountain. I didn`t put it in before because I thought that blue wouldn`t sit well with the predominantly warm colors in the rest of the painting, but now seen again from a fresh perspective, I feel it will work. So, I`ve put on a layer with Faber Castell watercolor pencils, of helio turqoise (which is a green blue) first, and on top of that, a layer of light phthalo blue. Watercolor pencils are transparent when wet, but opaque when worked-on dry, so it has pretty much covered the grey tones in the underlayer. So….here it is.. ta da……..! ha…ha..! Do you like it better this way?

Ode to Summer - New

                      Ode to Summer

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