Petunia in graphite

Petunia in graphite
Petunia in graphite

Hi friends, this is a drawing I did yesterday in my new (yeah!) Stillman&Birn sketchbook. I had originally intended to make a nature study page of this beautiful petunia growing in our balkon (my flowers are attracting quite a few bees and insects I am happy to say) , with a stem, a few views of the flower etc., but it turned out as a tonal drawing and I didn’t have time for more. So, I am going to do that this week including a few in color. This drawing is done in FaberCastell 9000 pencils from grades 3H to 8B. The flower and leaves are pretty much in the medium value range with only the wilted flowers in the slightly darker range to add the punch to the drawing; lifted out a few highlights with a kneaded eraser.

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