Sheeny Red diamonds Design

I hope you like this new geometric pattern that I created along with a few coordinating designs to go with this main design. Also look at the mockup dinner plates I have put together and tell me what you think of them.

Sheeny red diamonds Main design

Sheeny red diamonds Main design

Purplish maroon motifs on White background
Red purple diamonds on pale neutral green
Bluish Green diamonds on Red pink background

Coordinating designs to go with the main design

Bluish green Zig zag/ Chevron pattern

Dinner plate mockups created with my surface patterns on it

Funky blue diamonds on yellow background
This one is of the pattern I created last week, how do you think it looks? Blue diamonds on yellow background.

I have lots more to blog about , I have drawn and sketched a lot these past few months I have been missing on this blog, so do come back and check for new content. Happy creating and happy father`s day!

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